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Thoughts from Vince: Lenten Prayer Reflection

Since it is the season of Lent, I want to share with you a great resource for Lenten prayer.I’m sure many of you know that Visitation Parish creates its Lenten Prayer Book each year.The daily reflections are written by parishioners.I have read many inspirational reflections over the years.This year, I was asked to write a reflection, undoubtedly breaking the streak of consecutive inspiring writings by parishioners.At any rate, I will share my reflection with you here.As the book of Proverbs tells us, a righteous person sins seven times a day.I know I fail much more than that.I know I have made many mistakes in my fourteen years here at Visitation.During this season of repentance and forgiveness, I ask for your pardon for any times I haven’t done what I could have and what I should have towards any of you.I ask your forgiveness.
Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Lent – March 29th Isaiah 49:8-15, John 5:17-30
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