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Thoughts from Mary: Attitude is Everything

So, we have come to the last week of our school year.   Graduation ceremonies are happening very differently this year, or not at all.   Many of us are focusing on what we are missing, what our students or children did not get to experience this year.   The middle sentence of the above quote reflects my message today.   As we end the 2019-2020 year, the year of Covid 19 and at-home learning, our attitude makes all the difference in the world. At the parish staff meeting last week, the first meeting we have held in person since March 12 th , each of us sat at our own tables in Tighe Hall.   What a strange experience!   We were masked when not speaking; it was difficult to hear some of the more soft-spoken members of the group; but the feeling was very upbeat.   The prayer question we pondered was “What has been one of the ‘silver linings’ in your life during the pandemic?”   There was a moment of curious silence, did I hear that correctly?   Then each of us reframed our thinki

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