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Thoughts from Vince: Goodbye

As I was cleaning out my office recently, I came across a newsletter article that I had written when I arrived at Visitation School fourteen years ago.It reads, in part, “Let the children come to me.’These are the words that stand out in my mind as I think about the role of Catholic schools.These simple words of Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel have a profound effect on all of us, whether we are parents or educators.Those six simple words do not only give us insight into Jesus’ love of children, but they also teach us about the intrinsic desire of children to move towards Jesus.They want to learn about Him.They want to hear about His teachings and the stories He told.They want to know why He died on the cross.They want to know about the mystery of His glorious resurrection.Our job as parents and educators is to guide the inquisitive energy they bring to us.We must be careful not to hinder them, but to teach them the Gospels and about the life of our Lord and our God, Jesus Christ. In my new ro…

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