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Thoughts from Mary: What You Practice Is What You Value

Recently, I read an article entitled What You Practice Is What You Value, by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo.What spoke to me strongly was the following:
Whatever community we form, what we say and do reflects and reinforces what we believe. In short, what we practice is what we value.”“Practice, then, is the difference between rhetoric and reality.”
In our Catholic Christian faith, thanksgiving, singing praise, in fact our entire celebration of the Eucharist is designed as a great song of gratitude to God.  What a blessed time is November, the month for giving thanks!  I always want to improve my habits related to saying “thank you.”  As I pondered the above quote from Bambrick-Santoyo and the practice of thanksgiving, I decided today is a great moment to express gratitude.
Thank you to: All the teachers and staff who prepared the students for their first student-led conferences at the end of October. (BTW, we still need your parent feedback)The maintenance team members who, in addition to their…

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